Cheese made in Vietnam
Cheese made in Vietnam

Here is a discovery that will delight all cheese fans: cheese made in Vietnam. Indeed, an artisanal cheese factory has been created at the beginning of 2020. We were lucky to be able to meet the founders of Maison Béjo. These two Frenchmen had the idea of ​​making cheese in Vietnam. Here is our interview with its founders.

Jacky Travel : Where did you get the idea to make cheese in Vietnam?

Maison Béjo : Before moving to Vietnam, we already had a little experience in cheese making and we are real cheese fans. It is a product that is difficult to find in Vietnam. Imported cheese from France is often overpriced. However, cheese is widely consumed by expatriates and there is an increasing request for dairy products here in Vietnam. This is why, we decided to make some cheeses in Vietnam to test the market. We were surprised to see our few cheeses leave very quickly.

Jacky Travel : Is there enough milk in Vietnam to produce cheese?

Maison Béjo : Our cheeses are made with 100% Vietnamese milk. There are more and more milk producers in Vietnam and the demand for milk is growing. Some regions of Vietnam are known for their milk such as Ba Vi or Moc Chau. We do not risk shortage for the moment because our production remains very small and very artisanal.

Jacky Travel : Which products do you currently offer?

Maison Béjo : Today, we offer a two-month aged tomme and handmade “Fromage blanc” as well. We have chosen to work only with raw milk in order to produce cheeses with unique flavors. We are lucky to be able to source very fresh milk to ensure the quality of our cheeses. We only have two products today but we hope to be able to develop a bigger range very soon.

Jacky Travel : Which customers are you targeting?

Maison Béjo :Our dream is that cheese will becom a popular product in Vietnam. Today, the cheese is still little known by the Vietnamese. It is mainly consumed melted on pizzas. However, cheese is sometimes consumed by Vietnamese people who have already traveled to Europe and France in particular. Our customers are mainly expatriates in need of Western-style food.

Jacky Travel : Where can we buy your cheese made in Vietnam?

Maison Béjo : We sell through our website and social media. The products are delivered to your home. We are currently in discussions with various distributors in Hanoi to make it easier for our customers to access our products. We also hope to be able to sell our products in Ho Chi Minh City in the near future as this city has a large expatriate community.