How much should I tip in Vietnam ?
how much should I tip in Vietnam

In the past, tipping is not a part of South East Asia culture. However, as the time flies, many things have changed, tipping gradually has become a part of this area culture and Vietnam is not an exception. But how much should I tip in Vietnam ?

That’s an important question because with a tip, you want to give a reward for a service but the income of people is quite different in Vietnam than in other countries. So, how much should I tip in Vietnam to show my respect ?
Here are some recommendations in this article for tipping.

The root of this change is from the increase of a huge number of foreign tourists who come from Western countries and bring tipping culture here and nowadays, the tips is like a necessary part of the services employees’ income.

Because tipping does not belong to the authentic local culture, normally, it is not compulsory for you to tip for any services you used. However, as in Vietnam, the general income for most of people is quite low, therefore the tip from customers is very important for service staff.

How much should I tip the Tour Guide in Vietnam

Normally, with private tour guide, the tip should be from 5 – 8 USD per day. However, with the group about 5 – 8 people or more, you should tip 2-3 USD/person/day. As the tour guide have to serve you all day long (even when they have already comeback home) and this job need a lot experience, knowledge and health, the tip for them usually the highest among other service staffs in tourism industry.

how much should I tip the tour guide in Vietnam

How much should I tip the driver in Vietnam

You should tip a tour driver about 2-3 USD per day. On the other hand, with taxi drivers, if you feel totally comfortable with the car and they are so nice, you can just round up the total amount and let them keep the change.

how much should I tip the driver in Vietnam

How much should I tip in the Hotel (Bellman & Housekeeper)

The tips about 1-2 USD should be applied for the bellman, but if you have too much luggage, you may tip 1 USD per suitcase or bag.

Some people choose not to tip the housekeeper as clean the room is their duty. However, if you are totally happy with a clean and clear room with light aroma, you should leave few dollars on a table inside the room.

how much should I tip in the Hotel in Vietnam

How much should I tip at the Restaurant

Restaurants in Vietnam usually applied 5% of service fee into your bills, therefore, actually there is no need to tip in any restaurant here. However, as you are totally happy with any waiter/waitress, you can give he/she 1-3 USD directly.

how much should I tip at restaurant in Vietnam


If you use the luxury spa service, there is no need for tipping because the fee is high enough and includes commission for the staffs inside. In contrast, with the lower-end service, as the service price has been really low already, therefore, you should tip 15-20% bill directly to the staff who serve you.

In general, although tipping is not a must-do in a South East Asia country like Vietnam. However, it now as a common way to say thank to service staffs whenever you get a totally satisfied service. Just remember, only tip when you are happy, no one can force you do that!


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