Hoi An Lantern Festival Dates 2023
Hoi An Lantern Festival

Hoi An Lantern Festival Dates 2023 & Guide

If you are travelling to Danang or Hoi An, you should not miss this special event in Vietnam. Hoi An Lantern Festival takes place one night per month. We will explain you in this article what you can see during this festival and the Hoi An Lantern Festival 2023 dates.

What is the Lantern Festival of Hoi An

Also called the Legendary Night or Full Moon Party is a festival that takes place every 14th day of every month on the lunar calendar. This festival is very popular for foreigner tourists as well as for Vietnamese.

Hoi An becomes the City of Lanterns of yesteryear since it is illuminated by the light of these.

Full moon festival Hoi An

There are several old games organized as well as music concerts. The old quarter is pedestrian (no bicycles or motorized vehicles until 10 pm)

During the lantern festival, all the lights of the old city are extinguished which gives a magical side and only the lanterns illuminate Hoi An. This is an opportunity to visit the ancient city of Hoi An.

During this night, it is an opportunity for Vietnamese to honor their ancestors by burning counterfeit notes and paper.

In front of each shop, you will be able to see tables with offerings, fruits in general bananas and mangos, as well as a fire where are burned different things in paper.

During the festival, the pagodas of the city of Hoi An are free, enjoy it. The Full Moon Festival exists since 1998. Be careful, the city is completely pedestrian – Bikes are prohibited even parked so you have to put them in the various car parks of the city otherwise it is likely that it will be recovered at the pound.

What to do during the lantern Festival in Hoi An

Here is a list of things you will see during the lantern Festival in Hoi An:

1) Traditional chess game

Address: 35 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street

2) Folk Songs of Quang Nam

Address: Tran Phu Street 155

3) Recitation of traditional poems

Address: Nguyen Thai Hoc Street 84

4) Bingo game also called Bai Choi

Address: Next to An Hoi Bridge (opposite Gam)

5) Calligraphy

Address: Nguyen Thai Hoc Street 64

6) Breakage game of terracotta pots

Address: 138 Tran Phu Street

7) Family Music

Address: 149 Tran Phu Street (near the Japanese Bridge)

8) Recitation of poems

Address: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street 04

9) Spectacle of traditional martial arts

Address: Hoàng Văn Thụ Street (west, near the river)

10) Singing, dancing and traditional music

Address: Court House 62 Bach Street Đang

11) Singing the spread

Address: 92B Bach Dang Street

12) Festival of the lanterns

Address: Lampions sold around the river

13) Recital of Folk Music

Address: Tran Phu Street 77

14) Traditional chess game

Address: Quang Trieu Temple (176 Tran Phu Street) – 06 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street – 129, 87 Tran Phu Street – 41, 96 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street – 99B Bach Street Đang

15) Traditional Vietnamese Theater

Address: 106 Bach Dang Street

16) Class of Calligraphy

Address: 155B Tran Phu Street

17) Singing and Music

Address: 78 Rue Le Loi

Hoi An Lantern Festival Dates 2023, 2024

Lantern festival in Hoi An

Around 8 pm on the eve of the full moon the lights of the town are shut off, and the only light comes from the lanterns being carried down the river. Here is the list of the next Hoi An lantern Festival dates in 2023 and 2024. You should not miss this special event !

YearMonthHoi An Lantern Festival Dates
2023JanuaryJanuary 5th, 2023
2023FebruaryFebruary 4th, 2023
2023MarchMarch 5th, 2023
2023AprilApril 4th, 2023
2023MayMay 3rd, 2023
2023JuneJune 1st, 2023
2023JulyJuly 1st and 31st, 2023
2023AugustAugust 29th, 2023
2023SeptemberSeptember 28th, 2023
2023OctoberOctober 28th, 2023
2023NovemberNovember 26th, 2023
2023DecemberDecember 26th, 2023
2024JanuaryJanuary 24th, 2024
2024FebruaryFebruary 23rd, 2024
2024MarchMarch 23rd, 2024
2024AprilApril 22nd, 2024
2024MayMay 21st, 2024
2024JuneJune 19th, 2024
2024JulyJuly 19th, 2024
2024AugustAugust 17th, 2024
2024SeptemberSeptember 16th, 2024
2024OctoberOctober 16th, 2024
2024NovemberNovember 14th, 2024
2024DecemberDecember 14th, 2024


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