Hoi An Night Market – Address, Schedule & Guide
Hoi An Night market

Hoi An Night Market may seem like a whole new world. It’s easy to be swept away by all the smells, people, noises and unidentifiable foods served on rice cakes.

A visit to the night market is a living experience for families, couples, buyers and photographers. Children also love this night market, given its many lights, toys and music.

Hoi An Night market

Where to find the Hoi An Night Market ?

The official Hoi An Night Market is located on Hoi An Island, opposite the Japanese Bridge, Nguyen Hoang Street.

The street is illuminated by hundreds of colorful lanterns, animated by a life and a frenetic activity! Every evening from 17h to 22h, vendors line up in three rows, forming two main aisles in which visitors can walk.

The two outer rows (left and right) are lined with food stalls. The middle row consists of stalls selling local souvenirs.

What to see at the Hoi An Night Market ?

The 300-meter long street, home to Hoi An‘s official night market, is home to more than 50 vendors selling many different of local snacks, crafts, souvenirs, trinkets, clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. If you have already been in a night market in Vietnam, you will not be lost !

It is good to know that most of the time, the first stands are more expensive so head towards to the end of the market to do good business. You will negociate better prices at the end of the night market.

What to eat at Hoi An Night Market ?

If you have never been to Vietnam, this is the place where you can taste some Vietnamese snacks. In the first stands, you will find Vietnamese pizza, skewers of meat, glutinous rice with grilled banana, coconut cake, etc …

Prices are around 30,000 vnd for most of the dishes. This is a good way to taste dishes that you will not find in your hometown.

After the first stands, you will find others with all the specialties of Hoi An on the market such as Cao Lau or Mi Quang. As before, the prices are standard and it will not exceed 30,000 vnd.

There is also a popular ice stand. His specialty is making ice cream with sweetened condensed milk (the same as in Vietnamese milk coffee). The ice cream is spread on an iced metal plate, chopped and served rolled up. A show in itself that you should not miss !

Hoi An Night market ice cream

Hoi An Lanterns market place

Without a doubt, the highlight of the market, both esthetically and for shopping, is its lantern corner.

From the beginning of the market, you will find five stands offering lanterns of all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Sellers typically charge VND 20,000 ($ 0.90) for a photo in front of their stores.

If you buy lanterns at the store, this cost will probably be canceled if you settle with your new purchase.

It is also a good Instagram spot in Hoi An and you will see many tourists taking in the walls of lanterns. This is the best place to buy a lantern in Hoi An.

Here, the price of a lantern should not exceed 100,000 vnd.

Opening hours of Hoi An Night Market

For those who prefer to come to the market without the crowds, the best time to visit is just before sunset.

Most sellers arrive around 5 pm, but people do not really start until 6 pm For those who do not have a problem with the crowd, the busiest time is from 18:30 to 20:30.

After 21 hours, the number of people is significantly reduced and the owners of food stands move their carts closer to the market entrance to attract new customers. Most stands close around 10pm.

The second Night Market in Hoi An

A second night market opened in Hoi An in 2018 and occupies Tran Quy Cape and Bach Dang Streets near the Central Market. Do not confuse it with the Hoi An Night Market.

They offer more or less the same products as the first night market.

Good point, There are a lot less people. This makes it an easier alternative for strolling and shopping than the official, more crowded night market.

On Bach Dang Street, you will find a few food stalls.

The major disadvantage is that there is no Lantern market that makes a difference.

Lantern Night Market Hoi An


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