Best time to visit Sapa ?
Best time to visit Sapa
You would like to visit Sapa but you don’t know when is the best time to visit Sapa ? You are wondering when are the beautiful ricefields of Sapa green or yellow ? You would like to enjoy the fresh air of Mount Fansipan (the rooftop of Indochina) ? You are on the right page to know when is the best time to visit Sapa mountains.
First of all, the best time to visit Sapa depends on which activities you would like to do in Sapa and why you are going to Sapa. Generally, Summer and Autumn are the best seasons to visit Sapa, when the rice is green and become yellow before harvesting. But some people prefer the winter to enjoy the cold weather of Sapa and it is then the best time to visit Sapa with sometimes a little bit snow.

Sapa, along with Halong Bay and Hoi An Ancient town, is now one of the most attractive destinations for tourists when they visit Vietnam.

In 1922, the French has first established Sapa as a hill station to use for the war. Although Sapa and the local there went through a lot in the past, it has become a wonderful place in Vietnam with many outstanding sceneries and unique cultures.

In each kind of weather conditions, Sapa has different beauties, but tourists have to choose the right time to witness the most spectacular scenes in Sapa, especially on clear sunny days.

Actually, tourists can visit Sapa all year round, but here is some useful information to know if you want to visit Sapa at the best time.

August to September – best time for sight-seeing

In these months, the weather is perfect and suitable for sight-seeing, photo-taking and camping. This is the end of summer season in Sapa when the sky is clear and blue, which makes the landscapes more amazing.

The sun shines through hundreds of mountains and creates huge shadows in combination with vibrant landscapes and deep blue sky; all that visual effects come together to make Sapa much more outstanding.

The weather is around 20-25°C which is perfect, but there’re sometimes rains to refresh the atmosphere. In general, this is one of the best time to visit Sapa.

Also, in September, it is time for harvesting. The terraced ricefields become yellow during this period. The landscape becomes amazingly beautiful.

Many people are working in the ricefields in September because of harvest time which is also very interesting to watch.

Best time to visit Sapa, Sapa in october

June to July – another great time to visit Sapa

This is spring in Sapa when plants grow and flowers blossom.

In June, the ricefields become green. It gives to Sapa spectacular landscape.

The temperature during this period is around 25°C. It is the warmest period in Sapa.

Note that from June to August, it is rainy season in Northern Vietnam. That is why it can be hard for trekking. Don’t forget to bring a raincoat. It will not rain all the time because in this mountainous area, the weather changes very quickly.

Summer in Vietnam is very hot in Northern Vietnam and in the big cities like Hanoi but the weather in Sapa will be not too hot during this period.

Best time to visit Sapa, Sapa in Spring

October to May – not the right time

This is the winter season in Sapa which is really harsh and long with average temperature of zero degree and cold breezing winds from December to January. It’s not a right time for tourists to visit Sapa, especially those from tropical countries.

From October to November and from February to May, it is not too cold in Sapa but there are no rice crops anymore in the terraced ricefields. The view is not so good then.

Also, during the winter, the mountains are often in the clouds and it is difficult to have a nice view.

Together with weather, the quality of the tours is also important. As suggested by many tourists, those tours listed in sapa tours are good choices for tourist’s reference.


October 13, 2022
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