Best time to visit Mai Chau
Best time to visit Mai Chau

There is no best time to visit Mai Chau but many different good times to visit Mai Chau. In this article, we will explain you when the ricefields are green and when they are yellow just before harvesting.

Mai Chau in JulyThe idyllic and rural valley of Mai Chau is located at only 150 km from Hanoi but it’s like being in a parallel world. Fields and rice paddies stretch as far as the eye can see, and the mountains blend into the horizon. The best time to visit Mai Chau is when the rice paddies are green or yellow because at some periods in the year, there are no rice crops anymore and this peacefull area is less beautiful.

The only soundtrack here comes from nature, the delicate song of birds, the roar of buffaloes, the cry of chickens and children playing freely in the fields. Although Mai Chau has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, it has kept its welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

Best time to visit Mai Chau

The best time to visit Mai Chau is from April to May and even better from September to October, both in terms of climate and scenic beauty.

Best time to visit Mai Chau in June

There are 2 rice harvests in Mai Chau and its surroundings. The rice is planted after Tet, in late January and early February. After that, the rice fields will be green from April until the end of June. At this period, you will have the chance to see many different types of green in the valley.

At the end of June, the rice will be harvested. It is the time of the first harvest. In Mai Chau, all the people work together and harvest the rice by hand which is a spectacular perfomance.

Then the rice is sown again in July and harvested in October. So, from August to October, it is also a good time to visit Mai Chau with green ricefields.

In terms of climate, the weather oscillates between showers and bright sunshine in April and May. The temperature average is around 25 and 30°C.

In June, temperatures and humidity rise up and become really hard to bear. Go for shorter walks and bike tours.

In August, the rice fields are very green, but it rains a lot. It is also very hot at this period with a temperature average around 32-35°C.

Best time to visit Mai Chau in July

Then in September, the rain diminishes, the weather is cooler and the rice fields are again green until the second harvest in late September, early October.

Mai Chau in September

The weather remains ideal for visiting the area until late November, but the landscape loses its luster once the rice is gone.

The winter in Mai Chau

From December to end February, it is cold (temperatures can drop below 15 degrees), the sky is overcast and it often has drizzle. At this period, there are no ricecrops anymore in Mai Chau. It is not a good time to visit Mai Chau. The ricefields will be brown and the farmers don’t work in the fields at this period.

Most of the people spend an overnight in a homestay in Mai Chau. Most of the year, the weather is pleasant in Mai Chau and people don’t need air conditioning in the room. In the winter, the nights in Mai Chau can be less comfortable because with temperatures under 15°C at night, it is very cold if you stay in a traditionnal wooden house from the Thai minorities.

What to see in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is located in a peaceful valley. Most of the people visit Mai Chau to enjoy the calm of the vietnamese countryside.

When you arrive in Mai Chau, you will have the chance to arrive at the top of a mountain with an amazing view on Mai Chau Valley. At this view point, there is a rock with a vietnamese flag. All the people who want to have a lucky trip in Mai Chau have to go on the top of this rock to enjoy the view.

In Mai Chau valley, there are a lot of small villages. The Viet people live around the main road and the Thai minorities live in small villages far from the main road. It is quite easy to find a homestay in Mai Chau. Also, it is possible to spend a night in a hotel. The most popular hotel in Mai Chau is Mai Chau ecolodge where people can spend an amazing night in an individual small house with all the modern comfort.

Mai Chau is a good place for easy trekking and learn more about the Thai traditions. Many people visit Mai Chau by bicycle which is a good choice because this area is flat. It is also possible to hire an electric car in Mai Chau for elderly.


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